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Barrington House Limited provides services for clients in various industries, ranging from construction to financial services. We specialised in serving MSMEs clients. These are the major services we provided:

Financial Accounting  & Reporting

Updating accounting records including reconciliation of various subaccounts with the general ledger, the preparing of financial statements and various budgets and projections.

With the evolution of accounting & financial reporting, financial statements must now conform to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  BHL has assisted its clients to be compliant with IFRS. In addition to assisting our client to meet the requirements of IFRS, we prepare financial statements that best reflect the nature of our clients’ operations and satisfy the needs of intended users. 

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Many MSMEs know all too well the consequences of poor tax planning or the absence of such. Maybe your business is one of the many that unnecessarily incurred huge tax debts. Besides the burden of the actual taxes, there are also the risks of penalties and interests, which keep growing like a cancer. This problem can be potentially avoided through the formulation and implementation of a proper tax plan. Learn more

Audit & Assurances

We provide external audit services to MSMEs operations. Our services will provide management and other users of the financial statements with the assurance that the financial statements are free from material error, and fairly reflect the financial information of the entity. This involves the evaluation of the Company’s accounting system and internal controls, and the testing and analysing of transactions and account balances in order to arrive at an opinion as to the fair presentation of the Company’s financial statements. Learn more

Corporate Secretarial Services

Preparing and submitting documents to the Companies Office for the purpose of registering companies and other entities; preparing and filing the relevant returns and other documents for companies and other entities with the Companies Office.

In operating a business, it is essential that it be registered. A registered business enhances your prospects of success, as many entities, public and private, will not engage with an unregistered operation.

There are also legal implication for operating an unregistered operation.

Business Valuation

You have worked hard to build your business, but do you know what it's worth? Most MSMEs do not know the value of their business enterprise. If you do not know your business value when you are ready to exit or when you are selling a stake in your business, you cannot negotiate from a position of strength.

We are engaged in business valuation using primarily the Income Approach, the Dividend Discount Model Approach in cases where the company paid regular dividend or is projected to pay regular dividend, the Assets Based Approach, and the Market Based Approach. Learn more

Other Services

We advise our clients on obtaining financing, and also prepare the necessary documentation for submitting to their financial institution of choice.

 He who fails to plan, plans to fail. A good business plan is like a properly constructed roadmap. It will provide a broad guideline within which to run your business.  Based on your strategic plan, we can put together your business plan or, alternatively, provide you with the framework so that you can do the plan for yourself.

We are also  experienced at preparing  Accountant's Report under the Legal Profession (Accounts and Records) Regulations, 1999 for attorneys to be submitted to the General Legal Council.

Some clients we worked for

We are in good company. Where international organizations are represented below, we worked for the Jamaica Chapters.